Black Male. Black Man. Black Magic.

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Black man,
Do you know who you are??
Do you know how deep your roots reach??

Dear black man,
Do you know A king resides within you?
Do you know you are Magic??

wpid-wp-1440780501163Black Man,

Do you know your worth?
Do you know you are the foundation of all things great?
Dear Black Man,
Do you understand your power?
Do you know you are a founder, innovative and creative??


Black Man,
Do you know that you are regal?
Do you know that you are honorable??

Dear Black Man,
Do you stand in solidarity with your fellow black man??
Do you see the love in your sons and the reflection of your daughters??


Black man,

Do you understand we need you??
Do you hear us praising your name??

Dear Black Man,
Do you see us fighting for you??
Do you see us admiring your beauty??


Black man, Dear Black Man…
Know your worth.
Know your power.
Know who you are…
You are …

So much higher…
Eternally young, gifted and black,
strong, wise and respected,
smart, loved and a direct reflection of creation!
The greatest negus alive!


Black Man.
Dear black man.

Nekki B. Original
Creative Director|body paint|Poem|Hair


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