Cabbage Town Canvas

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DSC_0633[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]hile on a trek through cabbage town; a very unique neighborhood with some of Atlanta’s richest history, I had the opportunity to capture some images of some very dope pieces by Atlanta’s finest artist. The art covered walls are a pleasure to the eye and wonderful addition to the Atlanta neighborhood. Each piece is custom created and directly reflects the individual styles of each artist. The diversity of the pieces are good reflections of the diversity of art and the array of creatives that inhabit the city. It is always refreshing to see gallery worthy art shared on the street canvas’s across the city for viewers of all walks of life to enjoy.

Enjoy a few of my favorite pieces from my excursion through Cabbage Town. Though I captured way more pieces by a variety of artist, these few were the chosen ones that i enjoyed themost on this particular outting, all for very unique reasons. I enjoyed the homage paid to a few Atlanta natives and staples in the creative community. I  also enjoyed a trip down memory lane with one of my childhood favorites.If you ever find yourself in Atlanta and in need of evening of art while on a stroll be sure to check the street art in Little 5 points, Krog Street, Castleberry and the always amazing Edgewood Ave. Atlanta artist are sure to show up and show out and you certainly won’t go home disappointed.

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