Faith+Hustle= 2 E’s Management Group

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 2 E’s management group is the result of faith, formula, hustle and opportunity. In todays society it has become the norm to capitalize off of your very own talents for profit. However many of us are not so sure how to bridge that gap. Dee, an original member of the #Noskinpolicy family from Suiteland, Maryland has mastered the formula and sat with to share exactly what it means to be a self made CEO.

KKN: How did you get into managing?

Dee: I had a job making a hundred and something a week while my uncles were bringing in four to five thousand a day. That hundred and something wasn’t working for me so one day I walked up to my manager and quit. Namir had a business at the time and invited me in. Thats how I started managing tattoo artist.


KKN: When did your brand begin to make a name for itself? How did that look for you?

Dee: Managing talented tattoo artist took off and people started to notice. Different artist began to ask me to manage them. In 2014 I went from managing just tattoo artist to actually establishing 2 E’s Management Group as a company offering management or promotional services for make-up artist, personal stylist, hair stylist, photographers, small business owners, brands and musicians.


KKN: How did you handle transitioning from working a day job to becoming a full time CEO of your own brand? How did you adjust to meeting the demands of your clientele?

Dee: I ain’t gone lie, the transition was tough at first. I went from working a job to quitting and working in a tattoo shop a few months later. I wasn’t really making any money at first. I didn’t give up though because I knew I wasn’t going back to a job. I didn’t complain, I didn’t hate on nobody and I had faith in God so I knew the money would come. The more I had faith and did the work the more things started to look up.



KKN: Were you ever discouraged from pursuing your goals? From your experiences how were you able to manage doing the work without having a traditional college degree in public relations/marketing?

I always had jobs. Either i worked or trapped to look out for my family. My mom didn’t play that no job stuff so I applied my customer service and experience hustling. It was a system for me. Once I created my formula it was over. 


KKN: Who has influenced your process? Where do you see yourself?

Dee: In my head I am a boss. I didn’t have a father growing up however my uncles were hustlas. They exposed me to things that made me want to make money. There aren’t to many old heads that put me on game. I admire Meek Mill’s come up. I model my business after Rick Ross. I also admire Dame Dash’s hustle. I don’t really look up to no other man.

I want 2E’s management group to become a staple in D.c. I see my brand becoming a fortune 500 company. I want a state of the art building customized to accommodate my clients.


KKN: Top 3 pieces of advice to those encouraged by your movement 

Dee: 1.) Believe in God  2.) Faith, Continue to move in confidence 3.) Stay committed, stay focused, stay down, be humble and be willing to take the up’s and downs of being an entrepreneur.


It is always a pleasure sitting and talking with Dee. I am grateful for the opportunity to link up with Dee in Atlanta while he and his team completed another one of their infamous tattoo tours. You can reach Dee to inquire about services by email or phone( shown above) or on instagram @2Esmanagementgroup.










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