Infinite Kul: Melanin “Not For Sale” Series…

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The “Melanin “Not for Sale” series is a special release by Infinite Kul in light of black excellence and the consistent appropriation of black culture across the diaspora. Though we are often celebrated for our contributons to art, music, fashion, comedy, the culinary industry and just about every great thing in this world; We as a people are still fighting for justice and inclusion.

Muse: Homegirl Kee 
West Atlanta.
in·fi·nite /ˈinfənət/
limitless or endless in space, extent, or size; impossible to measure or calculate.
Kul /ko͞ol/
calmness; composure
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“Melanin” Series
We intentionally chose to shoot in the historic West End of Atlanta. The West End much like many of the neighborhoods on the West Side of Atlanta, is in the process of being heavily gentrified much like hip hop and urban street wear; Pushing out and making it difficult for the very curators of the culture to benefit from their contributions in shifting the paradigm. It’s now becoming “Fashionable” to those who may have once considered it ghetto and lacking, much like box braids, bamboo earrings and black lip liner.
We are often imitated and impossible to duplicate. WE ARE NOT FOR SALE. Our bodies are valuable. We have birthed and built nations. We have created genres, cultures and subcultures. We have invented and invested. Our minds, bodies, and contributions are not for sale.  Crew necks and Sweatshirts are available in the Infinite Kul Shop, click the link, register and order.



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