Meet the host of ” Elevated Creativity”

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It’s always a pleasure working with the people that you admire however the opportunity to feature the dynamic duo of the “Elevated Creativity” podcast hit different. Q and Jon are two very different personalities that compliment one another very well as co-host on their recently established podcast just as much as they do with their respective production companies and art. It was such a pleasure to get to know more about these two creative Atlanta natives and who they are beyond the mic.

Koolkidnekki: How did you all establish The Elevated Creativity?

Q: Jon and I have known one another for over 15 years and wanted to create a platform that encouraged creatives, business owners and entrepreneurs…

Jon: I’ve known Q since she was 19, we’ve grown together as creatives. We wanted to provide artist a space to expand their artistry by providing tools that allow them to elevate their creativity…

Koolkidnekki: What are some other endeavors that you have outside of hosting the podcast?

Q: I own QueUp Productions, a company I established in 2020 after taking a three year hiatus from the industry… I provide production management services, directing, writing and production for films and other media projects

Jon: I own and operate Monarch Montality Production Company… I’m a Story Board Artist, Assistant Director, Writer and establishing a comic book series in conjunction to working on the podcast

Koolkidnekki: When and How can we find the latest Elevated Creativity segments?

Q: We are on all streaming platforms and you can catch new episodes every Friday at 9am. We are also on YouTube so make sure to subscribe and follow.

Jon: It’s a great alternative! If you are looking for something good to listen to on your way to work or while you are getting ready for the day you should definitely tune in. It’s not your average interviews and it’s a good opportunity for listeners to hear something new.

Koolkidnekki: What are some of your plans for the podcast?

Q: Of course we would like to grow our following and continue to provide content that encourages creatives to keep creating while learning to utilize tools to monetize their work…

Jon: I would like to see us continue to have a safe space for artist and entrepreneurs where they can learn how to grow their brands and continue doing the work they are doing to leave a legacy through their art…

Koolkidnekki: How can we get in contact with you for features or just to tune in?

Q: You can follow me on Instagram @queupproductions or you can check out my site…You can message me or Jon for features or inquiries for the podcast.

Jon: You can follow me on Instagram @jonathan_d_harris… Yes, I use my full government name lol. So it should be easy for you to follow me.

You all can tune in to the full live interview featuring Q and Jon on my I.G T.V channel via @koolkidnekki on Instagram or tap into my YouTube channel by the same KoolKidNekki handle. You’ll get in depth details and knowledge about how these two creatives navigated the industry; leading them to establish their very own successful brands and companies.

Tune in and learn how to Elevate your Creativity!


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