Infinite Kul- Young, Melanated and Gifted”…

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Infinite and Kul is to forever stay true to your authentic self. The “Melanin” tee was released in celebration of excellence and the creative energy that continues to set trends and break down cultural barriers.


Infinite Kul Clothing is a lifestyle brand. The lifestyle of the timeless, innovative creative. The world feeds off of our magic. Our magic is not for sell. Our passion is not for sell. Our resilience is not for sell. Often imitated and poorly duplicated we are one of kind in culture, diversity and creativity. We, The Infinite– have the ability to create, uplift and celebrate. We encourage pride, peace, freedom of expression and art. We are living works of art.

“To be Young, Melanated and Gifted”


Giovanna Daniels 25, Cartoonist, Artist, All Around Dope


Daryl D. 18, Northridge College Freshman, Vocal Artist, Theatre Major


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Shammai, 18, University of Colorado Boulder Freshman

Jazmin 18, U.C Davis Freshman

Malou 25, Artist, Emcee, Performer, Writer




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