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imageChicago meet Nekki…Nekki falls in love…

It was a day in September, a day I’ll always remember…
That is the day I fell in love with Chicago. From the train ride through the Northside, to the fabulous  drinks and dope people- I knew I landed somewhere special. The people of Chicago are so kool. The diversity in style and art is a very dope example of the creative minds that inhabit the windy city.

The city (from my short sweet visit) seems to cater to the needs of such a wide variety of people.
The adult beverages were delicious and delicate works of alcoholic wonder. Mixologist here are serious about their works of liquid spirit art, as it should not be taken lightly. The fish and chips from Sink|Swim was absolutely  amazing paired with seaweed roasted potatoes and Chicago style Ecote. Not to mention I was blessed to have my favorite sister friend @urban_will be my very own tour guide.


Let’s not forget the amazing Brown Butter Almond Brittle and Bourbon Salted Butter Pecan ice cream in a waffle cone from Jenni’s. Best ice cream experience I’ve had in a very long time. THANKS AGAIN DEAR SWEET CHICAGO.

Our Uber rides were even pleasant. I had the opportunity to hear about a beautiful young bright mind while capturing a lesson in financial freedom from one of our very dope drivers. Not to mention the amazing pieces of art by none other than well known Chicago creative….Hebru Brantley.

imageI found myself walking through neighborhoods finding randomly placed subtle pick me ups that make you appreciate Chicago’s beauty.

Grateful for my very first Chi town experience- From the dope decor in the boutiques, to the vintage feel of the wall filled book store. Though I didn’t get to chill by the lake this visit or grab a classic vinyl from a well known record store I did get to experience some of the koolest 7 hours of my summer and I WILL return to continue my love affair with the windy city.



-Fly Boys


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