3 Kings On a Mission…

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IMG_0348-1Not to long ago i was invited to tag along with the 3 Kings of the bay and one of the dopest graphic and visual artist I know. I had the opportunity to explore some really kool hidden treasures around the bay area. While the bay is known for its beautiful water, amazing views and wonderful people, its  beautiful strategically placed street art has proven unmatched.

Pieces range from small to large, old and faded, serene and peaceful to grungy and abandoned. Alluring viewers with bright colors and intricate designs the master pieces left for the exciting reactions of the occasional visitor are sure to go down in someones book of street art history.

The few images from this mission were taken in abandoned training facilities near Vallejo on what has been known as Mare Island. The building is definitely desolate and abandoned and I would not suggest going alone. However it is a graffiti artist dream and a photographers creative haven.



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