Trap Karaoke…It’s a thing

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Who doesn’t love a night of karaoke? What millennial doesn’t love rapping the words to their favorite trap song as if they wrote the track themselves? Brilliant young genius Jason Mowatt from D.C had a grand idea to fuse two of my favorite things together giving birth to the latest trend in the social/party scene across the states and abroad. TRAP KARAOKE. I repeat, TRAP KARAOKE!!! People from the likes of Amber Rose and LeBron James have been spotted trapping along to some of their favorite trap tracks at the hot new traveling party with music by DJ Austin Millz hosted by LowKey .

Line was crazy for the Trap Karaoke Oakland Party

Once the Trap karaoke tour mentioned its stop in the bay I immediately purchased my tickets for a night full of concert like sing along trap rap! The night approached, the line was long, Oakland’s finest showed up to show out. As excited as I had been to choose Yola The Greats ” I Ain’t Gone Let Up”, as my trap song for the night, I didn’t have the opportunity to perform my favorite Atlanta classic as the list was long, the crowd was thick and my turn up was on 1000. However Oakland stole the show and claimed the “trap grammy” for the night with a killer performance by @Papi_cumpleanos murking his rendition of Pimp C and Andre 3000’s “International Players Anthem”, like a boss .

The traveling trap karaoke party has not only showed up to show out in Oakland, D.C and New York, the trending new party has made its way to Atlanta and L.A. Some future Trap karaoke party destinations also include Miami and Chicago.

KoolKidNekki before the Trap Karaoke turn Up

Though I am excited about my spring trip to Atlanta I am extremely sad that I will be missing the return of the Trap Karaoke experience to Oakland on Friday April 8th. The bay is sure to show up and show out reigning supreme in the trap karaoke arena.  If you haven’t done so yet, do yourself a favor and sign up for your opportunity to TRAP with the best of them in a city near you.



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