When Self Care and Opportunity Meet Featuring Adrienne Aka “Goldie”….

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Koolkidnekki: What inspired you to get into skincare?

Adrienne: The importance of self-care inspired me to get into skincare. I’ve always turned to aromatic baths, facials and massages whenever I’ve felt stressed or needed a pick me up. The problem was that most products either dried out my skin or left it red and irritated so I began making my own.

Koolkidnekki: Do you plan on expanding your brand?

Adrienne: I definitely intend to expand my brand! I’m interested in candles, massage oils and other products that can be included in self-care routines.

Koolkidnekki: What are some other creative ventures you’d like to pursue?

Adrienne: I dabble a bit in making waist beads, anklets and bracelets because let’s be real; When you look good, you feel good!

Koolkidnekki: How can potential customers get in contact with you to purchase products?

Adrienne: You can go to my website: www.portaportsupply.com. My instagram handle is: @portaportco and my Facebook page: Portaport Supply Co.

Koolkidnekki: Can we find you vending anytime soon?

Adrienne: Unfortunately, I will not be vending any events until it’s safer for everyone to be together however I am available to ship anything you need from us.

It’s always a pleasure linking up and creating with Adrienne. Her vibe is just as Golden as her new found nickname and products. I recently purchased the Charcoal Face Bar, Body Butter and the Body scrub. The textures and scent of the butter and scrub are so refreshing, rejuvenating and relaxing.

I prefer to use the Charcoal face bar to help combat my struggle with hyperpigmentation on my face. Portaport is definitely becoming a staple in my self-care regimen. Be sure to check out the site; Do yourself a big favor andvadd some new Portaport products to your regimen, you WILL NOT regret it.


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