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Operation Level Up is your opportunity to assist Nekki B. Styles in securing the Bag. “The bag?” you ask… “The Bag” in Nekki B.’s case is the opportunity to grow her brand and maintain success in her lane. The ways in which Nekki will be working to “Secure the Bag” aka “grow her brand”, are as follows…

1.) Sister Loccs- Nekki is working to save 1495.00( you read that right 1495.00) to take the next available sister loccing course in Atlanta or the nearest city that hasn’t already closed enrollment. Once Nekki becomes sister locc certified she will be a step closer to securing the bag as sister loccing is indeed a specialized service that every master loctitian should attain and offer at some point in their career.

2.) Barber License- Once Nekki passes her practical exam for cosmetology she will be actively working to get her barber license. What is a crispy retwist without a proper line up? Offering barber services will allow Nekki to generate more income that will contribute to…you guessed it, Securing the bag aka Growing her brand. 500.00 of the level up fund will be saved for her course completion and certification.

3.) Passing the Practical- Prior to relocating to California Nekki graduated cosmetology school, took her state board for cosmetology, passed her written and left Atlanta before completing her practical. She will be taking refresher classes, building her kit and taking the practical so that she can rightfully wear the title ” Master Cosmetologist” while doting her new and well earned License. Packing a kit can be a bit pricey so 150.00 will be set aside specifically for a proper kit.

4.) Vehicle Maintenance- Nekki B.’s vehicle is her primary source of income. Bad idea, we know. However she uses her personal vehicle to provide mobile hair services, courier services as well as ride share services. Nekki is working to raise 400.00 to go toward her vehicle maintenance so that she can continue to provide mobile services to her clients that cannot make it to her in home styling studio.

5.)Secure the Tools- Nekki has been doing wonderful work since relocating back to Atlanta however what is a stylist without her tools. Upon relocating Nekki had to leave a significant amount of her styling tools and equipment in a unit in California. Nekki has been working to get her tools however it will cost 1700.00 to rent a truck. Nekki left behind an ionic hooded dryer, hydration system, Healthy hair product and tools to continue making product, as well as a few other significant things. It will coast 1700 to rent a uhaul truck.

“I generally wouldn’t reach out in this way however with all that I am working to accomplish by next year I find myself in a position where I could use a little help. I have a goal to be back in to school next fall as I would like to began working on attaining my degree. I made a promise that I would secure my brand and increase my profit and clientele by the end of the year. If i solidify and complete my check list for this year I will be able to focus my mind and money on school next fall.”

Nekki B.

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