Auburn Ave

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Rapper. Emcee.     Lyricist. Considered by hip hop enthusiast to be above average. Auburn Ave is the first feature of many dope emcees to bless us with an a capella 16 of unmatched crisp delivery followed by the effortless finesse of 2 Chains “Big Amounts” beat produced by Buddah Blessed.

Auburn Ave shines as he proves to be one of Atlanta’s “must know” lyricist after continuously writing over dope tracks and delivering dope bars. He can be seen around the city rocking the latest Fresh Baked Goods, collabing on projects with your favorite emcees favorite emcee or sharing history with the next generation.

Take note of what happens when lyricism and craftsmanship collide.  A kool 16 and the definition of what it means to deliver ear worthy lyrical content…


Instagram: @AuburnAve






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