Mack Warbuckz

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Intellectual. Artist. Emcee. Mack Warbuckz of 82 kings is not shy to a dope 16. The Detroit native and Atlanta based emcee blessed us with a very dope a capella 16 segueing into one of the coldest verses you’ll hear over Nas’, ‘I gave you power’.

A unique tone paired with a delivery reminiscent of Biggie and Scarface, Mack Warbuckz’ word play is sure to leave you nostalgic of hip hops Golden years. Addressing topics like politics and history Mack Warbuckz has the potential to win the ears of the most elite hip hop enthusiast down to the hip hop rookie.

Lyrically inclined and ready to deliver, Mack Warbuckz is sure to remain a valuable voice in the hip hop circuit.


Instagram: @Doctor_Warbuckz


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