Shalom Little

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Artist. Wordsmith. Emcee.

Shalom Little “bka” Sha’ Lil has created a voice of his own and everyone deserves to hear it. Hard hitting punch lines with a one of a kind delivery are sure to finesse you into a word play bliss. Though he goes by the name Shalom Little the Atlanta native has big plans with big bars in tow and his collective Squad Global to prove it.

You can hear more from Shalom on his upcoming Ep.” RaTclanta- .Squad Function” or listen to some Sha’Lil classics on Soundcloud, Black Noize Radio (BlkNz) and Bandcamp. Catch Shalom and his Squad Global family live at the upcoming Squad Season II Event happening April 28th in Atlanta at the Artisans Bar and Gallary.


Instagram: @ShalomLittle



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