Why CBD?

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CBD is the new wave in the cannabis industry with projections to reach billions in sales over the next few years. Shops are rapidly popping up from city to city and internationally. Brands are pushing their pain relief and mood modifying products featuring the miracle ingredient. Your favorite furry friends even have snack options and medicine alternatives for common pet illnesses.

However, the popular quetion still stands; What is CBD and what does it do?

CBD is a natural compound found in hemp. It is the rich, non intoxicating molecule that gives you the benefits of cannabis without the associated high of THC. CB2 receptors are found in our peripheral organs whereas CB1 receptors are what carry the effects of THC. Applying CBD topically allows the CB2 receptors to aide product in targeting specific areas of the body. Ingesting CBD is an option for those seeking a balanced mood, anti inflammatory properties, sleep agents, pain relief or overall wellness.

Next time you find yourself a little moody and need some assistance with finding your chill; don’t hesitate to try a tincture. My favorite right now happens to be the 500 mg Peppermint Bliss Tinctures.

For a nice night cap and cramp relief I like the 10mg watermelon candy rings. I have also taken to cbd infused body wash, body cream and massage oil. My current face regimen is packed with cbd as well as other anti aging and moisturizing Ingredients. I am all the way here for the cbd movement and encourage you all to dabble in a little cbd goodness for yourselves.

Research, research, research. If you choose to dabble, be smart and ensure that the products you choose are made with 100% hemp derived cbd. Know how and where the cbd is sourced and be sure to learn the difference between full spectrum CBD products and isolate made CBD products.

Best of luck on your Journey into the world of CBD and I’ll address the various uses and opportunities with cbd again soon.