Chinese Foode Collective

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I had the opportunity to meet with one of  Atlanta’s influential collective of artists;  Chinese Foode. Emphasis on the E  because “Everybody Eats”! This collective of artist is a unique combination of innovative creatives making their way through the art industry with individual styles that compliment their vision and purpose as a unit. They are powerhouses as individuals possessing an array of skills that include but are not limited to emotion invoking photography, culinary artistry, visual art, markers only commissions, 3d toy printing and more.

 Seeing how they were making strides as individual creatives navigating their own lanes, they collectively agreed to pool their skills and expertise to create a movement that would take the art scene in Atlanta by storm.  They became a curating innovative force as a collective; Using what they had to get what they wanted. Humble beginnings put these creatives in a position to do wonderful things with their vision and purpose.most rewarding part of the experience I got to share with the collective is the love, respect and admiration they share for one another. To be inspired by the very people you are building and growing with is absolutely amazing.  These individuals are mastering their crafts and arn’t selfish in sharing what it takes for them to leave a lasting legacy through their art and purpose.


Mani Chavis and Aaliyah Amazing are both amazing photographers with emotion and thought provoking pieces. Though the two are both photographers, their work compliments one another and has a bit of a modern day Gordan Parks flair. Not all of their images are always mused by people but by experiences and nature. Mani is also a very dope emcee that goes by the monicker New Jack Popi with his track “All I Really Want” featured in the segment.

Artist Tom Davii shared with us what it took for him to find his current “Markers Only” style and why it is so significant for aspiring artist to find their “thing“. That piece of themselves that comes from within and leaves a mark as to who they are as creatives.  You can find Tom Davii pieces all around the city, from art galleries to beer bottles. “I wanted my soul to be in it”. – Tom Davii

Tattoo Artist and creative Binky Warbucks shared his inspiration and why art is so significant to his being.  The Hollywood, Florida Native came to Atlanta with a style and a vision and meshed right in to a community of creatives breaking barriers around the world. Inspired by cartoons, photography and just about all mediums of creative expression; Binky can be found tattooing or pushing out commissions and murals for art collectors. “I create art, It’s what I do”- Binky Warbucks

Artist Funkthaworld founder of Funkshui Clothing and P.U tha Skunk, is an all around creative from the Southside of Funklanta with pieces that range from visual art, 3d figures, toys, murals, coloring books and more. His unique styles are a definite reflection of his personality and what it means to create your own lane as an artist. ” We are all still students to this art game” -Funkthaworld

P.J also known as Taste_Buds_atl hailing from East, Atlanta is a culinary genius adding a unique flair to good food. After a motorcycle accident that changed the course of his life P.J took a chance with culinary arts and has been changing the game since. His passion for food gracefully impacts all that have the opportunity to enjoy his culinary creations. He has a way of recreating your favorite dishes into one of a kind culinary master pieces. “My specialty is good food”- P.J

Tune into the full segment to hear from the creatives of the Chinese Foode collective and to find out what inspires these dope individuals to keep creating.


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