Fleetwood Fred and The Ballads of a Southern Sinatra

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After having The Ballads of a Southern Sinatra in heavy rotation I made it my purpose to reach out to Fleetwood Fred for a segment. Fusing classic samples with amazing production and timeless lyrics, The Ballads of a Southern Sinatra is sure to be on a variety of playlist this summer. The project is so dope that I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to talk to the East Side native and share with you guys the in depth conversation about his latest body of work.

The Ballads of a Southern Sinatra is for the hip hop enthusiast, the grown and sexy as well as the individuals that respect craftsmanship, lyricism and finesse. Proving that having a mean pen game, one of kind delivery and originality has not been lost in translation. Fleetwood Fred makes a smooth transition between writing classic tracks and performing and I am excited for the world to witness this dope emcees emaculant style and anticipate the projects, shows and Fleetwood Fellas merchandise on the horizon.


During our meetup we had the opportunity to discuss the current influence Atlanta has in hip hop, some of his influences, family, father figures and what it was like growing up in East Atlanta. I also had the opportunity to hear a bit from Tate 228 another dope emcee that works closely with Fleetwood Fred and is a part of the Fleetwood Fellas entourage. Check out the full segment to learn more about Fleetwood Fred and what we can expect from the Fleetwood Fellas for the summer of 2019. You can also follow the dope emcee on instagram and for merch inquries by his handle @fleetwoodfred.








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