Koolkidnekki.com Presents The “A’Ch Dee” Highly Defined. Highly Desired. Historically Dope Podcast…

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As I embrace 2021 and embark on new chapters of my creative journey, I have been so excited about seeing some of my long term goals come into fruition… Since 2018 I had the idea and vision for The “A’Ch Dee” podcast.

It has been such an amazing experience building what I hope to be a consistent and successful platform for dope content and innovative dialogue with some really dope creatives. A necessary extension of Koolkidnekki.com.

The foundation of The “A’Ch Dee” had been established and it’s been written; this space for me to be actively working on new episodes is just as rewarding as the opportunities that have blessed me with the means to connect with some really great people.

New episodes stream every Sunday night on Spotify, SoundCloud, iheartradio, Google Podcast and other streaming platforms. You can also tap in on YouTube and IGTV.

Guest vary from designers, photographers, celebrity stylist and Animators to cannabis cultivated business owners and musicians. I look forward to bringing you dope content, intellectual conversations and amazing art from some of your favorite innovators and creatives.

Be sure to follow our recent guest photographer @_traplanta_, Designer and Stylist @sirgarde as well as Animation Director and Artist @Stosart. Don’t forget to check my co-host and audio engineer @Melodicmonster.

Tap in next Sunday March 28th to learn more about navigating the entertainment industry as a celebrity hair stylist while building a hair empire with special guest @_glamourhead


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