“Men” A concept Series Featuring Kudzanai

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“Men” is a concept piece I curated in hopes of capturing the many ways men decompress and acknowledge themselves. I have an interest in how men heal, cope and acknowledge their spiritual well being. The men that have influenced my life growing up approach healing and dealing differently; The men featured in the series represent an aspect of “Manhood” that I often wonder about. Men are not void of emotion and I hope to show the many ways men choose to find time to acknowledge themselves. 

Kudzanai is a Designer, Stylist and Artist. He was gracious enough to allow me into his personal space to capture some of his creative process. “Faith” became the topic of an in depth conversation which lead to me capturing exactly what I was hoping for and organically naming this part of the series.

“We all remove ourselves from the blessing when we exclude ourselves from the blessings”




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