Sebastian and Dee-No Skin Policy

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Sebastian and Dee-No Skin Policy

Social media is an amazing tool when you need a quick dose of amazing art. I happened to notice a post by the manager of one of my favorite tattoo artist mentioning their arrival in the east bay. Eager to get a new piece of ink I jumped at the chance to book a spot with the well known D.c artist Sebastian.


IMG_2169-e1454914761214Sebastian is known for his vibrant customized one of a kind pieces and the unique way he tattoos beautifully crafted art on melanated skin. I had the opportunity to talk with the D.c artist of No Skin Policy and his manager Dee whom I like to call ” Uncle Dee” due to his youthful wisdom and uncle isms’. Although the pain of a buzzing tattoo machine against the shin can be a little distracting I had a wonderful time getting the inside scoop on the d.c art scene, tattooing and more.

Kkn– How long have you been tattooing?

Sebastian– Four Years…

Kkn– How did you get into the tattoo industry? What made you want to become an artist?

Sebastian– Always been into drawing. I knew a guy back home that tattooed and he offered to teach me so i’ve been tattooing ever since. When i first got started tattooing i tattooed all of my

IMG_2170friends until i got better (lol), thats how i got so good at cover ups…

Kkn– What are some of your favorite pieces to tattoo?

– I like to do color portraits. Color portraits are my favorite, they challenge me….

Kkn– I like the dots as your signature, how did you come up with that?

Sebastian– Folks would steal my work and take credit for it so i created a custom signature for all of the pieces i do…

Kkn– Who are some of your favorite tattoo artist?

                                                    Sebastian– Roman in L.A and Miya Bailey, I respect his work and his hustle to get to where he his now…

Kkn– Where can people find you?

Sebastian– Self Made Tattoos in Suitland, Maryland…DSC_0233

Kkn– What are some of your favorite medians?

Sebastian– Charocol and Painting. Painting is challenging and i’m new to it. I just started painting a few months ago, i’m new to it and teaching myself. Of course tattooing is one of my favorite…

Kkn– What does art mean to you?

Sebastian– Its an outlet for me. Its opened a lot of doors for me. Ive been able to learn, travel, meet people and do a lot with art…

Kkn– Top 5 emcees???

Sebastian– Shy Glizzy, Drake, Future, Travis Scott and Migos

Kkn– How can potential clients contact you?

Sebastian– They can contact my manager Dee on Instagram or Twitter @Imjustdee_nsp…For Business inquiries they can email Dee at

Kkn– People that have influenced your journey as an artist?

Sebastian– My mom, she sacrificed a lot to raise three boys and never complained while doing it and my grandfather…

Kkn– What motivates you to keep creating?

Sebastian– Seeing all the craziness I witnessed growing up is enough motivation for me to keep working…

You can see more of Sebastian’s work on instagram @_Sebastian_tattoos and on twitter @_Sebastian_ink.

Sebastian and Dee



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