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Model. Singer. Actor and all around Jack of many trades; Tramel! Tramel and I crossed paths through a referral from a client of mine and I’ve been obsessed ever since. In true Leo fashion Tramel shows up and shows out! I had the opportunity to experience Tramel as an artist over the summer at Atlanta’s very own ZoeChella curated by Zoe Dupree and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Many of you may recognize Tramel from the popular reality youtube series, G- Status. We get to see a glimpse of Tramel’s Journey as an up and coming artist and some of the trials and triumphs of a man on a quest to fulfill his dreams.

Koolkidnekki: How did you discover your passion for singing?

Tramel: I always knew I wanted to entertain people ;I’ve always wanted to be an entertainer. I’ve been told I should be a range of things… Actor, dancer, comedian, singer. But singing brought me the most joy so I am followed this passion wholeheartedly.

Koolkidnekki: When can we expect your next Project?

Tramel: My next project, I am actually working on slowly. I want it to show so much growth. I hope to have it done by August of 2021 however I’m currently working on visuals

Koolkidnekki: Where can we find your music, podcasts, all that goodness you have circulating?

Tramel: My music can be found on all platforms: Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music the list goes on…

Koolkidnekki: Can we catch you on the next season of G-Status?

Tramel: As far as G-Status, it was a show that I participated in that brought recognition to my name. It was a great learning experience and introduction to how the industry and your peers can be. It taught me that people are willing to do anything to be famous. If you don’t have talent or virtue you won’t ever progress…

I reached out to Tramel to be apart of my ongoing Sim•ply BOLD campaign because he represents himself in such a bold way. He moves with purpose and doesn’t fold on his dreams. He is the epitome of sieze the moment.

Be sure to check out Tramel on all social media platforms by his handle: @iam_tramel. His recent project “Six Page Letter” can be found on all streaming platforms. You can also find Tramel co-hosting the popular new podcast, “The Corporate Mouth”.


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