Hobo The Great

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While enjoying a much needed visit to Atlanta I had the opportunity to sit with one of Atlanta’s koolest creatives, “Hobo the Great” also known by his instagram handle “Hobo Ink”. Admired throughout the city for the mesmerizing pieces of art he gracefully inks on clients, Hobo was gracious enough to share a bit about his journey as an artist, emcee and what it is to be a regular guy with vision.

Enjoy a very dope lesson on art, music and a creatives lifestyle from one of Atlanta’s finest as we discuss music, life and the creative process involved in becoming one of the best to do it.

For more information about Hobo’s art and music, you can do your homework and find him on Soundcloud.

For tattoo Inquiries be sure to follow him on Instagram @hobo_ink.

Thank you for tuning in for a lesson today at Nekki’s Skool of Kool. I hope you all join us again as we continue to get to know some of the koolest creatives working.


Link to Hobo’s Music

Kings Tomb


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