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In a recent interview with New York artist Tokiyo Daymon, I had an opportunity to find out some kool facts about the creative young mind. I am grateful for the opportunity to share a bit about the amazing artist featured today. My love for creatives is as diverse as my love for music. While chronicling through Instagram months ago I came across a very unique piece of work that led to a serious round of lurkage. Upon lurking through a few artist I ended liking a lot of the pieces Tokiyo has featured. His work has a unique style. An original style that would be difficult to duplicate. Piece featured: image “Starvin Marvin”

“One-third to one-half of humanity are said to go to bed hungry every night. In the Old Stone Age the fraction must have been much smaller. This is the era of hunger unprecedented. Now, in the time of the greatest technical power, is starvation an institution. Reverse another venerable formula: the amount of hunger increases relatively and absolutely with the evolution of culture.”

What inspires you to create?

I’m inspired by my goals. I believe art is the greatest form of non-aggressive persuasion. I hope to leave a lasting positive impression on society through my work. I really want to see my people (the human race) evolve into the epic beings we are meant to be. Hopefully more art can help us get there.

How long have you creating?

I have been creating for about 6 yrs now. I’ve been drawing my whole life but really found my calling after I watched zeitgeist and came across Noam Chomsky. Oh and after watching Exit through the gift shop and Bomb it (documentaries about graff art). My father and mother are both creative people so I’ve been truly creating my whole life. I really got focused when I was 20. I’m 26 now. So yeah 6 years is accurate.

What do you like to be known as?  Your Aka, Bka? 

I’m Tokiyo Daymon. Tokiyo would be the alias id like to be known as and go by. Most people only know me by that name and I’d like to keep it that way.

Where are you located?


I’m a native New Yorker. I’ve lived in every borrow so far. So NYC is my location so to speak.

Where can potential clients contact you for art inquries?

They can contact me on Instagram if they’d like or email me. I don’t paint portraits of people because I find it to be hella boring and vain; Not of your kid, dog, anything like that. If you want something it will be straight from my head. I’m not one of those artist who see there talent as a skill. You truly get a piece of me when you receive my artwork. I kind went off on a tangent there lol. My apologies but yeah contact me by email for art inquires.

Where can we find you on social media? 

I am on Instagram & twitter though I don’t tweet much. My Instagram is @Theforest_whitaker_eye & my twitter is @tokyomadman

What type of art do you prefer to create? 

I don’t have a preference really. My art is more social commentary than just “art”. I don’t like all the category bs in the art-world. So I just make art.

What medium do you prefer to work with? I’m a strict oil painter/ pen and ink artist. I love using collages too. That’s me and that’s what I like. I like making 3d models as well

What do you hope to achieve with your art?

I’ve already achieved what I set out to do. To connect and influence people in a positive way. I just hope to do this same thing on a much more massive  global scale.

Everybody has a quote or tag line, do you mind sharing your favorite?

“Power without perception is spiritual useless and therefore of no true value”

A word of advice to young creatives like yourself?

Stick to your plan. Believe in yourself and love what you do. Persistence trumps anything else standing in your way.


You can find live footage of Tokiyo’s technique on his youtube channel Tokiyo Madman.


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