The Nail Girls- Artist Behind The Nail Art

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Acrylic Nails have been a staple of the culture for as long I can remember; From Flo Jo to Mary J. Blidge and all of the r&b and hip hop girlies we have grown to love.

Long curved red acrylics to airbrushed nail art and French tips, Acrylic Full Sets have been found being sported by black women from all walks of life since the 60’s. Donyale Luna wowed the masses with her Acrylic set as a high fashion model in the 60’s paving the way for women like Donna Summers and Diana Ross to comfortably break the mold and rock red full sets for the world to immediately catch on and emulate.

My mom just so happens to be a nail girl. She’s been wearing long Acrylic Full Sets since the 90’s allowing me to tag along and get my little fingers airbrushed with the Fila logo or Flowers. Acrylic Nails are definitely apart of my life and significant part of my monthly self care regimen.

With that tid bit of history being shared, who are the amazing artists behind the Acrylic Nail Art Industry? We have come to know the “traditional” nail shops in neighborhoods near us however there are a diverse group of artists making waves in your city and Phase 1 of the “Nail Girls” installation was Curated to highlight those artists and Techs.

Tap in with our first featured tech Sharane. A very dope artist and nail tech recently relocated to Atlanta from Oklahoma.

KKN: When did you fall in love with nails? When did you know that being a nail tech was your calling?

Sharane: I would say I fell in love with doing nails in 2018. I was fed up with the way that “traditional” nail salons treated their customers and overall satisfaction of my sets. I knew that I had to make a change.


KKN: When did you get your first full set? How long have you been getting your nails done?

Sharane: I got my first full set at 13. It was very simple, old school French. Honestly the women in my life never were the type to get their nails done. I grew up watching movies like BAPS, Friday and especially Flo Jo in the late 80s. I was in love for sure.

KKN: How has being a nail tech impacted your life and what are some things you are looking to achieve with your art and expertise?

Sharane: Being a nail tech has impacted my life tremendously. It took me out of the traditional 9-5 corporate job and I have the freedom I’ve always wanted. One of the biggest things I hope to achieve is bringing our (black people) traditions back to black. Create more jobs and opportunities for the youth. Also, travel and learn as much as I can.


KKN: What are some things you dislike about the Nail industry?

Sharane: A dislike would be how we aren’t taken as seriously as artist and how much time, patience and skill it actually takes.

KKN: Where do you see yourself as an artist in the next few years? (Techs are definitely artist)

Sharane: I see myself in my own salon here in the Atlanta area within the next 2-3 years. Also, I will be traveling to meet other nail artist and take courses to elevate my level of expertise.


KKN: What about being a Nail Tech keeps you motivated to continue in the industry?

Sharane: This is my passion. I love everything about it. The nail industry is constantly growing and changing. That keeps me on my toes.

KKN: Who are some if your favorite Nail techs?

Sharane: Some of my favorite artist are Touched by Tonika out of my hometown Oklahoma City. I love Natalie Carmona from Little Rock. Jasmine Casey is dope and also Dallas J from Miami.

KKN: How can potential clients get in touch with you?

Sharane: I can be found @nailsbysharane on all platforms. My website is

Be sure to book your appointments with Sharane and tap in to Phase 1 of “The Nail Girls” Installation to learn more about the amazing techs and artist behind your favorite nail art and full sets.


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