What happens when Rock and Soul Collide?!?- A “Melodic Monster”…

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Rock Star and electric guitar playing crooner, Melodic Monster joined me for the latest installment of the Simply Bold Series and it was for sure a VIBE! While prepping and shooting we got to talk a bit about his transition into music and his passion as a creative. I’ve known Ben for a while however being introduced to “Melodic Monster” has been such a dope experience.

Koolkidnekki: How did you get into music?

Melodic Monster: I got into music after listening and recording songs from the radio. My parents would also have different music playing in the car.

Koolkidnekki: When did you recognize Rock N’ Roll as your preferred genre?

Melodic Monster: I discovered Rock N’ Roll after staying home late for school one day while watching MTV…After finding myself liking various Artist, I was led to play the guitar.

Koolkidnekki: What are some of your other creative outlets, I’ve always known your to be surrounded by so many dope creatives…

Melodic Monster: Aside from music, I’m a poet. I’ve been doing poetry since I was young. It’s my first form of creative expression.

Koolkidnekki: Where can we stream your music and what are you currently working on?

Melodic Monster: You can find my music on Bandcamp. The album is called, Ben Garden Presents: Melodic Monster.

Be sure to follow Ben also Known as the Melodic Monster on social media by his handle @MelodicMonster. You can also check out snippets of his latest shows on his band page; @triuneproductionslimited. It’s always a pleasure connecting with Ben the Melodic Monster and I look forward to you guys catching his vibe.


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