Your Favorite HomeGirl- Kearra!

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As we enter a new year with new vibes, new goals and new possibilities I wanted to be one of the first to introduce you all to your new favorite Homegirl- Kearra!!!! or as I like to call her Homegirl Kee also lovingly known as @keyonce_duhh and my favorite favorite of them all “Pound Cake”… Kearra is the epitome of Homegirl. She is the real trill real Atlanta friend that we all need in our circle.

I had the opportunity to talk how we be talking with Kearra while we shot for my new “Love Thy Homegirl” photo series. The conversation was nothing short of amazing. The founder and future podcast host of Homegirls Uplifting Homegirls is such a jewel and shared so many gems during the shoot.

Koolkidnekki– I know you that you are from College Park, love 3 Stacks and are a proud Clark Alumni; What are some other things that you are in to?

Kearra: I really like live music… Going to the jazz festivals growing up used to be my favorite thing. I love books! I can’t name a favorite. It’ll be unfair to all of the books I love. A book that has been in my life and that I came to appreciate during my senior year of college is “Their Eyes Were Watching God”. My grandma loves that book. My mom talked about it being her favorite book that she read at Spelman. I now understand why it meant so much to them. Janie is a character all black women can relate too. She yearns for love, freedom and passion like we all do. I love anything by Toni Morrison. I have a tattoo of one her quotes on my thigh.

Koolkidnekki: What do you love most about being a black woman from Atlanta?

Kearra: One of the things I love most about being a black woman from Atlanta is Our History; Knowing so many amazingly talented poppin’ ass women came before me. No place in the world like Atlanta. It’s rich in History and so much Culture.

Koolkidnekki: What are some of talents and skills?

Kearra: My hidden talent is the violin. I played for like ten years until I had a teacher that hated me and kicked me out of class so I gave up on that dream… I can still read and play music.

Koolkidnekki: What are some ofvyour goals for H.U.H?

Kearra: My goal for H.U.H is just like the name…I want to be a Homegirl Uplifting Homegirl… I really value womanhood and sister circles while learning from other women. So I want to talk about my experiences with like minded people and have others benefit from listening. I’m so thankful God chose me to be a Black Woman!!!!

Stay tuned and follow this beautifully virtuous Black Woman on Instagram for updates on H.U.H, dope music and book recommendations as well as some good ole’ Auntie Homegirl wisdom.


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