A Nekki B. Project- Ft. Nasshon Rodney

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Black history, black lives, black excellence, black intelligence and black creative expression; Celebrating Blackness.

This piece is a short Nekki B. Project featuring¬† Emcee Nasshon Rodney and his recent single African King as a quick dedication piece shot in the historic¬† Castleberry Hill…

The recent mural of 2chains beautiful baby boy made for a great location to shoot around with Niko my Nikon. 2chainz is doing amazing things with his successful restaurant and lounge Escobar, located in the popular art district of Atlanta.

I chose to shoot the near the powerful piece of a beaming little boy flexing his barely developed muscle to stress the Strength and hope of black youth. The piece itself is placed right on the intersection of Walker and Peters Street; one of the most popular blocks for black creatives known around Atlanta.

We are descendants of strong ancestors that endured the unmentionable so that we can live their wildest dreams. Capturing a strong black man in front of a young black boy full of joy is one way I chose to pay homage to those who came before us and paved way for those that walk in our footsteps…




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