Nekki B. Styles Natural Hair Campaign

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In the midst of all the dysfunction and discussions around the recent presidential election I embarked on a campaign of my own. While people are fighting and in disarray over who will really be president come January; Black people are still being killed, undervalued and disregarded inspite of our consistent efforts to freely exist.

The significance of my “Simply Bold” Natural Hair Campaign is to Reiterate to the people that even in the simplest of ways we are bold. Everything about us is bold. From our beautiful features and resilient hair to our ability to turn our struggles into talents that inspire and are the foundation of world changing genre’s of art.

For far too long we have been told that we are not good enough. The very people that will devalue our existence are the same individuals that will turn around and imitate our style. From cornrows to extensions, Bantu knots to coils and curls, loccs and Senegalese twist, finger waves to beehives; our hair has been and will continue to be a testament that our existence is resistance.

We resist the desire to conform. We boldly resist the limits society attempts to place on us based on the limited belief that we are less than amazing.

Sim·ply put… We are Bold. Bright. Necessary. Organically Beautiful. Made in God’s image.

That is a Campaign I stand for.