T.D.E vs The World

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[dropcap size=big]S[/dropcap]ooooo I am beyond ecstatic that I finally stumbled across my favorite black lip bastard Ab-Soul… The Long Term tapes are pretty old however they are def 2 of the dopest in Souls catelouge.  I salute artist from California off the strength because I am a Cali native. However I do NOT I repeat do NOT push everyone’s music because to be honest everyone isn’t good. I am a huge fan of Ab-soul and all of the black hippies. In an era of hip hop where we idealize money, clothes, cars and hoes, Ab-soul is a breath of refreshing California air. On the long term 2 tape Soul continues to hit us with some of the dopest word play that you will hear from an artist under 30. He has a way with punchlines that can put many emcees to shame across the diaspora. If you haven’t already do yourself a huge favor and download Long Term the first tape and allow yourself to be taken on a much needed voyage through the experience of a young emcee spitting bars as if its his only purpose in this life. Allow yourself to drift into the land of great music and then hop the next flight to Long Term 2. Big ups to Soul for making classic hip hop music. Classic west coast hip hop. Real emcees understand the importance of good music, dope lyrics and all around production that flows. Thanks Soul for being another breath of California fresh air. I will remain a long term fan 🙂 Top Dawg Ent. hasn’t failed us yet.


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